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Getting your dream home is the nice part of our job

However, keeping you in it no matter what life throws at you is essential.

Mortgages are actually pretty simple. They are a loan to buy your house. If you don’t pay the loan back, the lender will take your house off you.

Usually the reason a family may fall on hard times financially is for circumstances beyond their control. These are usually due to one of these four life events:

Fulcrum Financial Protected Mortgage Policy:

It is our aim at Fulcrum Financial that all clients should be offered a fully-protected mortgage. We define this as:

  1. Any mortgage lending to be fully covered with life insurance for all applicants for the full amount of the mortgage debt
  2. Any mortgage lending to be fully covered with Critical Illness Cover for the full amount of the mortgage debt
  3. Income Protection cover for all applicants that have earned income, for the maximum amount available (usually approximately 55% of gross income). This should be for the term of the mortgage as a minimum
  4. Unemployment insurance for 125% of the mortgage payment

Advice and a recommendation:

We’ll explain in plain English and with no jargon what all your options are. Based upon what you might already have in place (company sick pay, existing policies etc), we will give you full advice and a recommendation on what action you need to take.

Unlike other advisers who may be tied to one insurance company, we work with a large panel of insurers so we can shop around and get you the most appropriate cover for your needs and budget.

Get in touch for a full protection review.

PS. you don’t need to be arranging a mortgage right now to ask for help in this area.

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What our clients say...

Roger has detailed knowledge of the products, he presents as enthusiastic and enjoying his role so gives confidence that he is providing the best possible to suit our needs. He presents as being interested in our family and our needs.
Mrs G – Thirsk