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Has the time come to get your own pad?

Sick of renting? Can’t decorate how you want to? Don’t want to put money in a landlord’s pocket any more?

Ready to take the next step in life but finding the “where do I start with a mortgage?” question a bit scary & overwhelming?

Fear not! Mortgages are dead simple. Nothing to be worried or intimidated by. All they are is a loan to buy a house.

Our job is to get you the most suitable mortgage deal you are entitled to and get you the keys to your first home with minimal fuss.

We can help explain in simple, easy to understand language:

We’ll go the extra mile for you:

Not only will we give you some tips on how to negotiate with estate agents, but we’ll also get you the Agreement in Principle from a mortgage lender that proves to Estate Agents and Sellers that you are serious.

Helping get young people started on the road to home ownership and independence is one of the great parts of our job. We love First Time Buyers and get great job satisfaction getting you sorted.

Basically, get in touch and arrange a no-obligation chat and find out what all your options are.

PS If “Bank of Mum and Dad” are helping out, we’re very happy for you to bring them along also.

Here’s the legal bit…


Our initial mortgage consultation is free. Fulcrum Financial usually charges a fee for mortgage advice. The amount we will charge is dependent on the amount of research and administration required and will be discussed and agreed with you at the earliest opportunity.

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What our clients say...

Very friendly and helpful service. Took into account my personal circumstances and worked around me to ensure that I could get things moving as soon as possible. Roger explained things well and he was extremely approachable.
Dr M – Harrogate